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John Burnheim

Posted by kleroterion on Wednesday, 18 June 2008

A new (or perhaps the original?) Kleroterian: I am delighted to tell you that John Burnheim has joined our emailing group! Most of us will be familiar with his 1985 book about ‘Demarchy’ (a word he coined) which was titled: Is Democracy Possible? The Alternative to Electoral Politics  This has been re-issued (2006, available in print form from Sydney University Press) “For the new edition of this important work Burnheim reflects upon the impact of the book and upon his current thoughts on the primary issues he raised when it was first published in 1985. Despite a generation of dramatic historical change and intense theoretical interest in issues of global democratisation the problems he raised remain unsolved. Is Democracy Possible? Remains a distinctive and provocative discussion of the possibilities for the democratic reorganisation of modern society” 

Now in his 80s, John was Professor of General Philosophy at Sydney University (where he had been involved in some controversies!). He still lives in Sydney, Australia.


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