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from 2003 (21 Oct): Info about the Real Democracy Party UK

Posted by kleroterion on Sunday, 20 December 2009

Posted by Lyn Carson: who received an email from Robin Clarke “The Real Democracy Party was registered with the Electoral Commission some months back, with a thumbs-up logo”

I’ll send Robin’s messages in their entirety. I don’t believe they contain the sort of information that was meant for our eyes alone.

—–Original Message—–
From: R-Clarke [mailto:r-clarke@blueyonder.co.uk]
Sent: Tue 21/10/2003 9:20 AM
To: brian_martin@uow.edu.au; Carson
Subject: Random in UK / enquiry

Dear Lyn and Brian,

1/ I’d be most grateful if you would have a quick answer to this question — what actual instances to date have there been of random methods used (or strongly influential) in actual decisionmakings rather than just as simulations? In what countries?

2/ What’s happening here.

I eventually found the cash for your pricey book. The Real Democracy Party was registered with the Electoral Commission some months back, with a thumbs-up logo which was soon afterward enthused about as a potential new logo for the Conservatives!

I can post you any RDP material to date, but in particular I’d be interested to have your thoughts about the book I am in process of finishing which is a sort of concise handbook of the whole RDP project. It’s called “What They aren’t telling you!”. The item 1 above is needed to finish off one particular paragraph.

Hopefully I could post to you the first 80 pages as three “booklets” (as of course it can’t be printed as a book until it is finished). This book is the outcome of 30 years experience/study on my part. (Yes I am a dumbo!) (If you prefer reading pdf files you can get from my web link below.)

Meanwhile I have lent your random book to Salma Yaqoob who is currently involved with George Monbiot in plans to start a new alternative party based on the anti-war alliance (a faulty project as I have been telling her). She’s finding it of great interest, wants to study it further.

Can you suggest any useful contacts in the UK?

One interesting thing is that the forces of darkness become increasingly incompetent and overconfident. The “war on terror” has been a remarkable own-goal, and an even greater one is in the pipeline, namely the global conspiracy to prevent people from buying vitamins and other nutrients. I’ve heard that in relatively nanny-state Australia they have already been banned.

Robin P Clarke
9 Augusta Rd
B13 8AJ, UK
0121 449 8994

[I heard no more from this source. The website is defunct]


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