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2003 23 Oct: Mike Haseler drums up support for House of Lords reform

Posted by kleroterion on Sunday, 20 December 2009

Mike Haseler “I am keen to find people to support Sortition for the appointments commission of the house of lords.”

Mike from near Glasgow, Scotland, is campaigning for an ‘Athenian’ House of Lords. He says:

“Allot is a campaign to make the House of Lords (or Second Chamber as we prefer) more democratic. We wish to allot (select at random like a Jury) a group of ordinary people to form a representative Citizen’s Jury. This Jury will interview the available candidates and elect the most appropriate members.

The government promised us a more democratic House of Lords. Our proposal is a popular common-sense approach that is more democratic and combines the best aspects of an elected and appointed House of Lords.”

More info on his excellent Website: www.allot.org.uk

****Responses to a House of Lords review are needed by Dec 12th, so could you make your contribution – details on the website.

earlier emails

From: “Haseler” <michael@haseler.net>
To: <bmartin@uow.edu.au>
Subject: Sortition
Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2003 18:34:57 +0100

I am keen to find people to support Sortition for the appointments
commission of the house of lords.

Can you help? The consultation is at:


you can email responses to

Mike Haseler



From: Brian Martin [mailto:bmartin@uow.edu.au]
Sent: 23 October 2003 03:04
To: Mike Haseler
Subject: Fwd: Sortition

23 October 2003

Dear Mike,

Great to hear about your interest in sortition. Re this appointments commission, it would really help to someone who can tell you what sort of intervention or submission has any chance of success. The best person to help is Conall Boyle (conallboyle@hotmail.com), who sends messages re random selection to a small group he calls the Kleroterians (there are very few of us, alas). He’s in the UK, which is a great help.



Brian Martin
Science, Technology and Society
University of Wollongong, NSW 2522, Australia


From: Haseler [mailto:michael@haseler.net]
Sent: 23 October 2003 09:33
To: Brian Martin
Subject: RE: Sortition


Unfortunately, we are dealing with British Civil servants. In the last round they categorised Sortition as a form of election alongside STV, FPP etc. when I complained they said it didn’t matter as it was only a small number. It also didn’t seem to matter where people were from!

Someone even sent in their scribbled comments on a postcard!

They did however point to a few write in campaigns in favour of election.

Therefore, Sortition just need as many people as possible to write/email their own comments along the lines of:

“The appointments commission should be selected by Sortition”

I will contact conallboyle@hotmail.com as suggested.

Regards, Mike Haseler

———–onward post:

From: Mike Haseler

Conall Boyle,

I understand from Brian Martin that you are a keen supporter of Sortition. As I mentioned to Brian, Sortition has not yet been considered for the Lords because insufficient people have written in to support.

I am horrified that we run something as important as constitutional reform in this way. However, that is the process, and therefore we need as many people to email into the consultation supporting Sortition for the current stage which is the selection of the appointments commission which will appoint the Lords.

About 1000,  participated in the last stage, (the question was how would the Lords be selection). Much less will comment on the selection process for the appointments body. There is enough support for Sortition, but it needs galvanised to get submissions in.

I hope you can help, this is a real chance for Sortition!

Mike Haseler


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